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June 20, 2020
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Gender Identity and Your Kids

June is Pride Month and we know that some Kids are impacted by gender identify?

By: Dr. Lisa Di Enno, MD, FAAP

We couldn’t let the month of June close out without writing a post related to Pride month. Why? Well, believe it or not, kids – yes, your young kids – may be impacted by gender identity and all that goes along with it. Maybe they identify with their sex assigned at birth. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they understand how they feel and why they feel it. And, again, maybe they don’t.

Depending on the age of your child and their ability to express themselves, any situation involving gender identity may vary.

So, being the good parents that we know you are, you want to get yourself educated, right? You have questions – and that’s perfectly normal! Let’s get started with some basic terminology. Sound good? After all, it’s hard to understand what a child may be going through if we don’t even understand the terms!

Gender Identity refers to someone’s internal sense of being a man, a woman, both, neither, or something else. It is how the individual personally feels inside when it comes to which gender they relate to – if any at all.

Transgender refers to someone whose gender identity doesn’t match their sex at birth. In other words, one’s internal sense is that of a male, but their birth certificate states the sex is a female.

Cisgender, on the contrary, is someone whose gender identity matches the sex assigned at birth.

Gender expression refers to how one expresses or communicates their gender identity to the world around us. May refer to one’s dress, mannerisms, voice, etc.

Here’s the most important part of this message. Are you paying attention?

Children and teens who struggle with gender identity issues have higher rates of depression, suicide, substance abuse, and homelessness. Do you know why? Because they lack a safe home environment and a support system.

So, parents – listen to your kids, observe them, respond to them, and allow them to be emotionally open. Remember, you want your kids to be comfortable coming to you – and see you as their ally. Give your kids the support and safe space to express who they are as they work to find what feels right.

The more you can advocate for your kids, the more secure – and safe – they will feel. XpertCare has a Gender Affirming Specialist who is available for consultations.

And, if you need any guidance, our pediatricians are here for you and your child.  If you are ready to book your telemedicine appointment XpertCare today, click here:  https://xpertcare.vsee.me/u/clinic

Dr. Lisa Di Enno is the Chief Medical Officer at XpertCare Pediatric Digital Clinic. You can contact her at lisadienno@xpertcare.online to schedule an appointment.