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July 18, 2020
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Military Mom of the Month (M3)

By: Michelle Blan:

Every month, XpertCare will be highlighting an amazing Military Mom who makes outstanding contributions to our country, to the military community, and most importantly to their local communities. This honor, known as M3 or Military Mom of the Month, is only for Military Moms who have tangible positive contributions as a direct result of their work.

This month’s Military Mom of the Month (M3) is Wendi Iacobello from Fort Bragg, NC.

As a military spouse, Ms. Iacobello understands the importance and power of building support systems. It’s what she does! She uses her voice within the military spouse community to connect others with available services, offer an encouraging word, and advocate for those couples facing infertility and pregnancy loss. Though, this is just a humble version of her impact on those around her!

Ms. Iacobello knows just how tough military life can be for spouses – and that strength and bravery are often hard to find. This is why she is always there to extend a helping hand. And, that means sharing resources through her Blog when she discovers them.  XpertCare is one of those resources.

With the availability of 24/7 professional and timely virtual healthcare, there is a reduction in stress that comes with having a sick child. XpertCare is a service that Ms. Iacobello feels “will positively impact the lives of military families” as a solution that can offer many benefits to moms and dads.

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