What Patients Say

Since its inception, XpertCare® has been receiving positive feedback and praise from parents and caregivers alike. Perhaps it is the overwhelming sense of ease that comes with using our service. Or, maybe it is our many qualified, personable, and warm Pediatricians. Rumor has it – it’s a combination of both! 
 When you can provide a convenient service that makes life a little bit easier for the moms out there, you give value back to the patient’s family – time, care, love. And, that’s what we strive to do here at XpertCare®.

Just look at some of the testimonials we’ve received.

Melissa found convenience in booking her son’s appointment from home. But, what stood out to her was the attention and ease of communication she and her son received from Dr. Di Enno. Take a look:

“What a great experience with Dr. Enno! She is so kind and easy to talk too. Made my son comfortable and excited to “go to the doctors”. I scheduled an appt for Monday morning on a Friday evening and she sent me a text saying she’d be more than happy to see us that same night. (The visit wasn’t urgent that’s why I picked Monday) So glad we did! Now we can get him the things he’s needs to feel better sooner! The best part we didn’t need to leave the house! Highly recommend!! Thanks Dr Enno!”

– Melissa Hudson, Parent

Yvonne is the mom of not one, but two kids. And, guess what? They were both sick at the same time! As if this wasn’t stressful enough – getting everyone dressed and out the door to the doctor would have been incredibly challenging. Thanks to XpertCare® she was able to meet with the incredible Dr. Di Enno without having to leave home!

“So, I had my appointment today for both kiddos who are still sick and it was AWESOME! So convenient and easy to use. Thanks Dr. Lisa. If you have Tricare and are in CA or VA, this is an awesome service. And I did it in my jammies and she didn’t judge me.”

— Y’vonne, Parent

Not everyone is available during working hours. Sometimes, kids can have all sorts of ailments all hours of the day and night. XpertCare® is convenient for those off-hours – just ask Kourtney! She had a late evening appointment – and didn’t even have to take her two young girls out of the house!

“Xpertcare is absolutely amazing! I was able to talk with Dr. Di Enno to get my daughters issues resolved, even with it being late evening! She was very thorough and made sure everything was addressed and taken care of. Having a virtual appointment saved me from having to take my 2 young children and my 5 week old out for an appointment in person with her pediatrician, which is great especially with the Pandemic going on. I highly recommend Xpertcare to anyone with children!”

– Kourtney Ayers, Parent

When you have a child with a chronic condition, medical appointments can seem to rule your life. Always having to leave home to go to the doctor's office, sit in the waiting room, and so on can become redundant and exhausting. Jessica recently discovered how XpertCare® can provide a valuable service while allowing her family to remain comfortable at home.

“Our son has appointments multiple times a week. It’s exhausting for him as well as us. With Xpertcare we are able to have one on ones with doctors who care and understand. We can remain in a relaxed setting and don’t feel rushed. Our son is also immune-compromised so the weight Xpertcare takes off of our shoulders is incalculable. This is not only a game changer...this is a life-saver!”

– Jessica Sanders, Parent

I did not have to leave my own home! My son has severe ADHD and Autism and my son elopes (runs away). Having a virtual visit allows me to keep him safe in his own home- away from unlocked doors and busy parking lots.

– Samanthat, Parent

The convenience is unbeatable, the access to care is amazing, and the provider was extremely courteous, she didn’t rush the appointment, and she answered ALL of our questions. Amazing program and amazing provider.

– Tillman, Parent

There was almost no wait time, Dr Di Enno was great. not having to sit in a waiting room full of other sick people with a sick kid was fantastic.

– Amber, Parent

It was much safer for my child! No busy parking lots, no potential elopement concerns and no waiting in waiting rooms with other patients that could possibly spread contagious infections/virus/colds/flu.

– Sconish, Parent

It minimized my stress by eliminating having to expose my son to germs at a traditional appointment.

– Ward, Parent

I felt like I wasn't rushed through my appointment. There was more quality of care. Also not having to trek out to the hospital, check in, wait in the waiting room forever, and then get rushed through the appointment in 15 min was also helpful.

– Myers, Parent

I didn’t have to drag a sick baby to the Er or urgent care. Convenient, easy and quick.

–Palmer, Parent

It was very fast to get seen and even if there was a wait I could be in the comfort of my own home with my sick kid. The doctor was very nice and patient with us.

– Weetz, Parent

Quick, easy, didn’t have to get out of the house. The doctor was extremely kind and interacted via webcam with my daughter more than her regular pediatrician does in person. It was so nice to not have to get out during this scary time for a silly rash. I’m a nurse and can’t skip out on work and need my daughter to be able to go to daycare when she absolutely has to. This allowed me to get her an appointment on my day off and have her back to daycare the next day so I could go back to work.

– B.K., Parent

It was completely flexible and non-stressful compared to a traditional doctor's visit.

– Clara, Parent

Extremely efficient and courteous service. Appreciated the personal service.

– Sarah, Parent

Saved me so much time and I didn’t have to wait around in an office for a dr to see me. I loved how compassionate the Dr was. She listened and addressed all my concerns.

– Cheryl, Parent

Quick and easy appointments. No going to the doctor's office and waiting in a waiting room with my sick child. Dr. Lisa was truly caring of my son’s symptoms. How easy it was! Easy to make. Easy to log on. Super convenient.

– Dustie, Parent

Simple, fast, easy, convenient. I didn’t have to wrangle all 3 of my children to the doctors just for one to be seen. Was able take care of everything while on my couch. How simple and convenient the whole process was, and how nice and professional Dr. Di Enno was.

– Mayers, Parent

This was AWESOME! I love that I didn't have to allocate time for transportation and waiting for the appointment. I also was seen almost immediately after creating an account. It was fast, easy, and accessible. I was skeptical that there would be some hiccup with the pharmacy, but there wasn't at all. Really impressed! My daughter also loved talking to Dr. Di Enno virtually.

– Neil, Parent

Fast, convenient, and excellent care from the comfort of my living room.

– Jane, Parent

These are unique times and no one wants to go into the office unless absolutely necessary. The virtual appt confirmed our gut feeling that medication was required to resolve the problem. The dr even ordered labs that I was able to do at home and drop off. I will continue to se this service as long as it is available.

– Tracy, Parent

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