Interview with XpertCare CEO, Emmanuel Opati
June 11, 2019
From the US Navy to XpertCare: Meet a telemedicine trailblazer.
September 2, 2019


Article that featured one of the providers in XpertCare Network, Dr. Crystal Beal.

As the PRIDE month comes to the end, we would like to spotlight talented people who make a difference in the community. Some people waste their whole lives trying to find that one thing that can bring fulfillment and sustainability. And, many of those individuals never find it. This is the story of someone who did.

Dr. Crystal Beal, MD is one of the many great Experts here with XpertCare. But their approach to medicine and their patients is what sets them apart. See, their ties to the LGBTQ+ community have always followed them personally, but now they have become the drive of their practice professionally. You can read more here