Halloween During a Global Pandemic.
October 30, 2020

XpertCare winds down operations


Dear all,

We hope that even in the midst of a global pandemic, you had a good 2020.  We started XpertCare with the idea that every child deserves access to high quality Pediatric care irrespective of where they live. Because of you XpertCare was able to build a large network of providers to deliver care that surpassed patient expectations. It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce that XpertCare will be shutting down operations effective December 31 2020.

XpertCare was a great idea that very few believed in pre-COVID-19. When COVID-19 happened, XpertCare became the safest place that military families in California depended on for Pediatric care.

Well as this is not the result we hoped for, it was the only option we had after a substantial investment was pulled at the last minute. Without this investment, we cannot execute our plans. We had an excellent team that built XpertCare with blood, sweat, and tears over the last two years and we counted on this investment to go forward.

Our failure to succeed is likely a combination of several factors but the two key notable factors are: COVID-19 and inability to secure funding to take XpertCare through months of diminished sick-visits as kids continue to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It was heartbreaking for our team to come to this decision during a global pandemic when families need healthcare services than ever before. But having exhausted all our options, our team came to the decision to wind down operations.

XpertCare was founded on the premise that every child deserves access to high quality Pediatric care irrespective of where they live. Many of you joined our mission and partnered with us. We loved what we did and working with you. We worked hard and poured our hearts into making this a success. We did not succeed. We are very sorry for letting you down and disappointing you. We thank you for your support and wish you a healthy and successful 2021.

Emmanuel Opati and Dr. Lisa Di Enno, M.D.